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【Glee歡樂合唱團】於2015年3月20日晚間在美已全劇6季播映完畢。我將不再更新GLEE影集的部分。 。平方粉的正能量【CrissColfer is on】應該也不會更新了,但 I Still Bileven CrissColfer。有興趣了解更多CrissColfer的平方粉可以到mickey的Tumblr!至於Darren和Chris的相關新聞,會盡可能不定期持續更新!

一切都從快快樂樂的在湯上刷 Chris白裡透紅的帥照開始,
然後看到Chris的專訪, 說真的, 只要看到Chris的訪問都超快樂的,
但是他竟然說了 "Darren不會出現在情人節特集", 那也就是
Glee 情人節特集不會有 Klaine !!!(2012.1.17.更新)

結果, 現在竟然 !!!!!
Darren, 你快給我回來拍Glee啊!!!!

他還說到第四季, 說他判斷第四季小賽會取代Kurt的位置.
求你不要啊!!! Chris,我求你別跟Ryan這麼說,
大家都知道RM超疼你, 不管你說什麼,
他都會笑笑的摸摸你的臉頰說 "乖孩子,你怎麼說都好!"


就是這篇TV Line的專訪 ;___; (From)
* Glee Scoop: Chris Colfer Talks of 'Fun' Season 4 Plan, Kurt's 'Replacement' and MIA Blaine
While others are touting Glee‘s plan to not spin off the graduating characters (but instead keep them around via some top-secret storytelling device) as “revolutionary,” Chris Colfer prefers a different adjective.

“My word is fun,” the actor shared on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday night. “I really think it’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to it. It’s never been done before.”

Regardless of how Kurt remains in the Glee picture, the fact is he will be graduating from McKinley High — and that is where Colfer suspects bad boy Sebastian (recurring player Grant Gustin) comes in, as a rumored Season 4 regular.

Maybe he’ll take Kurt’s place?” Colfer ventured. “[People] are going to hate me for saying that, but it’s just logic.”

Right now, Colfer is working without his leading man, Darren Criss, who is busy succeeding Daniel Radcliffe in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Where does that leave “Klaine,” especially with the most romantic of holidays on the horizon?

“You’ll find out how [Blaine] leaves for a little bit and then comes back, but it’s nothing too bad or serious,” Colfer hinted. As for how long Klaine fans will have to do without, Colfer said that Criss will be around through the Michael Jackson tribute episode but miss the Ricky Martin visit and the Valentine’s Day episode. That said, he promised there is “fun stuff going on for the rest of us.” (With reporting by Meg Masters)



* 有人問了TV Guide,情人節Klaine的事情, William Keck的回推快把我笑死了XDDDD 



 雖然心裡難過死了, 還是貼一下2012.1.15.金球獎頒獎典禮Chris在紅毯上的照片 
他真得很適合穿西裝, 怎麼穿都好看!!
別問我每次他穿的西裝有什麼不同, 穿哪個牌子? 這...這我全都不知道啦!!!



 2012 Golden Globes: Chris Colfer (在YouTube上看


* 主持人問他"你現在可以合法的喝酒了", 然後就轉身拿了一瓶香檳! 看Chris一臉又驚又喜, 難怪這孩子那麼討人喜歡 ^_^ 




 * 好喜歡Chris這種眼神 ^////^



 Chris Colfer at the 2012 Golden Globes - 接受LA Time專訪 (在YouTube上看
















* 插播一張: Chris Colfer在這三年在金球獎紅毯上的照片 (2010/2011/2012 Golden Globes), 他的西裝愈穿愈合身,頭髮愈梳愈高了  >////<  


* Chris Colfer talking to MTV at the Golden Globes 2012 (影片在 這裡 )



 * Golden Globes Party (金球獎-會後派對)




Golden Globes party-01(2012.1.15).jpg  










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