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【Glee歡樂合唱團】於2015年3月20日晚間在美已全劇6季播映完畢。我將不再更新GLEE影集的部分。 。平方粉的正能量【CrissColfer is on】應該也不會更新了,但 I Still Bileven CrissColfer。有興趣了解更多CrissColfer的平方粉可以到mickey的Tumblr!至於Darren和Chris的相關新聞,會盡可能不定期持續更新!

GLEE大老闆證實不會有"Spie-off" (好吧~大家可以死心了)
不過, 好消息是.....
Lea,Cory,Chris會繼續在第四季中出現...., 文字+影片+圖片 陸續更新中 (2012.1.12.)



因為訊息還在消化中, 所以就一邊整理,一邊更新, 一邊多話了 .....


 2012.1.8.Fox TCA(Television Critics Association)
除了Darren Criss還在紐約演H2$, 其他Glee主要演員都出席了!






 Chris Colfer’s Interview with AfterElton at the TCAs (Source: afterelton.com)  

The Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour continues in Pasadena this week and on Sunday night Fox threw a party where the stars of their current and upcoming series made appearances to chat with the press. Of course, AfterElton was there and grabbed some one-on-one time with a cheery Chris Colfer.

AfterElton.com: What’s next for Kurt and Blaine?
Chris Colfer: We haven’t been doing much yet since he’s been gone. Pretty much the same. They’re both in the Michael Jackson episode and they have some sweet moments but other than that we’re still hanging out, we’re still together.

AE: Any big songs coming up that you’re excited about?
CC: I am singing one song in the Michael Jackson episode, which I’m not sure how I feel about it since it was voted the worst song in history but I think we did it justice. [laughs]

AE: Who voted it worst song?
CC: The world did, I believe.

AE: What’s the song?
CC: ”Ben.”

AE: I like that song!
CC: You do? Oh, good!

AE: What else are you doing outside the show? I’d guess you’re getting offers for your hiatus.
CC: I’ve got my book, which is coming out in August and the cover art gets released just this month so I’m excited about that. A movie I shot last summer…we’re going to have a trailer by the end of this month or next month and we’ll get to see a little bit of it. I think I’m doing another movie this summer but I’m not sure. For me, I think I had a coming of Jesus meeting with myself. We had a two-week hiatus for winter break and I realized it was the first week of rest I’d had in three years so I’m going to try to take some time for myself this next hiatus.

AE: Are you going to make sure the breaks happen more often?
CC: I hope so but we’ll see. I’m one of those people that even with the 2 weeks off I had I was like ‘I gotta do something! I need something to do.” I don’t think I could ever retire.

AE: We don’t want you to ever retire, Chris.
CC: Not anytime soon at least.

AE: What’s the book? Is it your story?
CC: God no. I could never write that. That would be so boring. I was approached by many, many people after I won the Golden Globe to do an autobiography and I said ‘I’m 20! I’m not going to do an autobiography!’ But then I asked the people, ‘I really want to do a children’s series. Would you be interested in that?’ They said absolutely and I got a two-book deal with Little Brown. It’s a fantasy series about two kids who go into the fantasy world. I’m very excited about it. The first one comes out in August.

AE: Do you have kids in your life? Relatives or…?
CC: Not really. just the ones who talk to me in my head. I should probably take my medication.




 Chris Colfer will return for ‘Glee’ Season 4   (Source: theinsider.com)

Chris Colfer’s future on Glee was called into question this morning when Fox’s President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly announced at TCA that while the much rumored spinoff was dead in the water, Lea Michele would be back for season four as creator Ryan Murphy had come up with a “cool” way to keep the graduating seniors around.

When asked later whether Chris was also part of that plan, Reilly reportedly “hedged” before saying that hadn’t been decided yet.

But after chatting with Murphy after the panel, Chris Colfer revealed to TheInsider.com that he would 100 percent be back in the fall! In addition to getting his take on this inventive way to keep the graduates around, Chris teased some very intriguing 2012 events when I caught up with him at Fox’s All Star TCA party tonight.

Insider.com: It’s been revealed that Lea Michele will be back next year — will you?
Chris Colfer: Yes. I’m coming back. I’m very excited. A lot of people are sad there won’t be a spinoff but I think they’re going to be very very excited to find out what’s in store – I’m very excited by it. Ryan’s idea is kind of revolutionary. It’s the best of both worlds. Everyone is going to like it.

Insider: Presumably whether or not Kurt and Rachel get into NYADA will factor in, right?
Chris: I think so. I’m not positive. I’m looking forward to seeing if he gets in – knock on wood. It’ll be an interesting episode to watch him and Rachel perform with the other finalists.

Insider: But before we get to either of those things, we have this week’s episode — called Yes/No — which features New Directions recreatingSummer Nights from Grease. Which side does Kurt sing on?
Chris: [laughs] He was with the girls — by my request. Originally he was with the boys but I called Ryan and said, “What do the boys have that Kurt wants?!?” There’s no way he’d be hanging with them. He’d be gabbing with the girls over sandwiches and mac & cheese. He completely agreed and I was put with the girls, which is great because I get to be Rizzo!

Insider: Kurt may be with the girls, but Blaine is with the boys. What do you make of the fact the writers have made him “one of the boys?”
Chris: I think they both just gravitate towards people they identify with. Blaine is gay but he’s more of a guy than Kurt, who is a little more grand than that. I say Kurt is more grandeur than guy [laughs]. But I’m glad our show really shows that it takes all kind of gays to make the world go ‘round: good gays, bad gays, manly gays, less than manly gays. There are all kinds of gays.

Insider: The gang is headed for Regionals, and then presumably, Nationals. Do you want Kurt to finally get that win in his senior year?
Chris: Yes. Selfishly, for the character, I do. As an actor, I hope they win Nationals so they can go to London or something for Globals, or whatever comes next. That would be awesome – singing and dancing in the streets of Rome! Who wouldn’t want that?

Insider: Looking ahead to the other 2012 episodes, what are you excited for fans to see?
Chris: I’m really excited for them to see the Michael Jackson episode – I wear a shocking onesie leather jumpsuit. I’m interested to see what the reaction is to that.

Insider: Compare the onesie to the Gaga lobster heels — which were easier to wear?
Chris: Oh god, the heels were so much more comfortable! I never thought I would say this, but the 10 inch heels I wore in that episode were much more comfortable than the leather jumpsuit.

Insider: Not to get too personal, but how tight are we talking? Did you need to douse yourself in baby powder to get into it?
Chris: There was no room for personal, if you catch my drift [laughs]. But there was baby powder. And I have to say, when you’re singing and dancing all day in a leather onesie, it starts to smell. I don’t have B.O. typically but I actually put a car air freshener inside the jumpsuit and it stained my skin. I had a little yellow Christmas tree on my stomach for a good week! Just in time for the holidays [laughs].




 Chris Colfer Reacts to Spinoff News (在YouTube上看






* Chris提到在MJ特集(3x11) Kurt與Blaine~


Chris Colfer on punching Sebastian









 GLEE大老闆,FOX高層證實 "不會有 Spin-off" , 不過畢業生會繼續出現在劇中!

 'There Will Not Be a Glee Spin-off,' Says Fox Boss — So What About Rachel and the Other Seniors? (截錄自From)

No spin-off. Characters graduating. Cool season next year.”

That is how Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly sums up the future for Glee, which will not be shuttling several characters off to a New York-based spin-off, an idea that had been bandied about.

“Here’s whats going on with Glee,” Reilly told the press at the Television Critics Association winter tour on Sunday. “We are graduating the characters that are [due] to graduate, and what’s come out of it is [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] and the guys have come up with a really cool idea.

“There will not be a Glee spinoff,” Reilly continued, “but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”





 Chris Colfer on Returning to 'Glee' & MJ Episode  (在YouTube上看

Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison talk about season 4 of Glee and about the episode and tribute to Michael Jackson in an interview with ET online at the FOX All Star Party.






  ( 原始影片&文 From

In case you missed it, Fox's President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly had some very "cool" news for Gleeks this weekend. While a post-graduation spin-off has unfortunately been nixed, some of McKinley High's favorites will return for season four, and Chris Colfer couldn't wait to spill the details!

"Fans who were hoping for a spin-off are going to be very, very happy about it," said Colfer giddily of the revelation at the FOX TCAs Sunday night. Earlier in the day, both he and Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were confirmed to maintain big roles in the episodes following their high school commencement.

"I really can't emphasize enough that it really will be, kind of, the best of both worlds," he explained. "I really think it's going to be a lot of fun."

As far as the immediate future is concerned, the cast says they've almost wrapped the highly-anticipated Michael Jackson episode, and Kevin McHale tells us you can expect the upcoming show to hold up to the caliber of their Britney, Madonna and Super Bowl specials.

The homage to the late singer was a special one for Kevin, as he confessed he is "obsessed" with MJ. As a fan, McHale assures that the pop icon's music will be translated onto Glee with the love and care it deserves.

"They've done the songs in a way that I think people will really love it," he explains. "Some of them we stay true to who they really are, and some of them we kind of re-work a bit respectfully."

Keep your eye out this season for the very special MJ episode, and be sure to catch Glee this Tuesday on Fox.

Watch the video above to hear more from Colfer, McHale and more of the Glee cast plus interviews with stars of New Girl, as well as Kiefer Sutherland on his brand new drama Touch.





* 天哪~ 這是誰家的孩子 !!! Chris, 你是愈長愈帥了 ~~~~ 


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